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       I began my life upon this path most likely like many others did as I was Christian based in my beliefs.                                                                                                                                                          I did have a wonderful advantage growing up though; my parents were very open minded and allowed me, at the age of 12 yrs, to find out if Christianity was truly for me.                                      I spent the formative years of my youth looking into numerous Christian mainstream religions, everything from Southern Baptist, to Evangelical, to Bible Baptist, to Catholic and including Protestant and everything in between. I never seemed to find a place where I "fit" in though I did find many friends.

        Later on in life, at the age of 18 yrs, I had my first taste of Wicca, and yes I was interested, though at the time I was not truly ready to follow what the path actually entitled though, little did I know, I would be returning to Wicca a few years later.

        Around the age of 22 yrs, I was introduced to a person that became a mentor whom was a hereditary Wiccan, and who, at the time was teaching classes in my small home town. I later joined her Coven and was quite happy in learning all that I could; to which I have done since. Then the Coven disassembled, though sad as I was, I did however find my "fit" and it was Wicca.

     In the years after, I met another important person in my life, whom shared the vision, duties and responsibilities within our then, newly formed coven.

        All of my life I have been interested in various religious structures, and I have a thirst for knowledge when it comes to religions, thus I have been able to study and acquire a few ordinations through various paths including, but not limited to, Spiritual Humanism, Universal Life Church, Universal Ministries, Trinity Institute of Christian Counseling, New Horizon and many others. I did not deliberately go out to become ordained mind you, I joined and I learned from these places to better myself and my path. I did earn them through immense hard work.

        My hobbies vary upon my mood and I enjoy many things, including reading, laughing with my close friends, sisters and brothers, occult studies, working within my community, animal activism, and volunteering.            


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